A-M Systems Acquires SciWorks Data Acquisition & Analysis Software Suite

Last updated Jul 30, 2020

Acquisition of SciWorks Software Suite

A-M Systems is proud to announce the acquisition of SciWorks. Long recognized as the premier data acquisition and analysis system used by neurophysiologists, A-M Systems promises to expand its functionality, improve its ease of use, and extend its applicability in the years to come.

For those of you who currently use SciWorks, you have undoubtedly worked with Engineer Dale Martin over the years. Dale has supported SciWorks customers for over a decade, providing assistance with experiment design, analysis formulation, and generic troubleshooting.

Dale joins A-M Systems as Head of Software Engineering after nearly 30 years developing and supporting SciWorks for Brainwave and Datawave Corporations. 

Together with Neuroscience and Physiology Product manager Dr. Jonathan Bakin, and Director of Engineering Dr. David Mittmann, Dale is committed to adding effective software tools to the family of high-quality instrumentation and excellent customer service you have come to expect from A-M Systems.

Combined with A-M Systems’ 40-year history of supporting the neuroscience community, the addition of Dale to our team, and SciWorks to our product portfolio, positions A-M Systems to offer complete solutions research neuroscientists can trust to deliver what they need for years to come.

SciWorks Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

You have spent hours designing and refining your experiment. Troubleshooting the inevitable breakdowns in the gear. Optimizing your surgical techniques. But that effort is lost if you can’t capture your data efficiently, analyze it accurately, and publish it quickly. The data acquisition and analysis system you select to build around is critical to the success of your research endeavors. Make sure you pick a system capable of delivering everything you require, such as functionality and flexibility.

Select Screenshots of SciWorks Data Acquisition & Analysis Suite

A-M Systems SciWorks Discovery software and advanced A/D hardware is the perfect complement to our low-channel count extracellular or intracellular amplifiers. It is designed to work with 1 to 8 single-ended channels of data.

If you require more data processing capability, then consider our Discovery Pro system with more channels, optional video support, and a faster sampling rate. SciWorks Discovery is a real-time data acquisition, analysis, and instrument control application designed for a wide variety of electrophysiology experiments.

It provides the user with a single interface to control instrumentation, perform real-time data analysis, including multi-unit spike sorting and separation, generate complicated stimulation patterns, and write data to a multiple of common industry-defined data formats.

SciWorks Common Applications

  • Single-Unit Recording*
  • Multi-Unit Recording*
  • Evoked Responses
  • Field Potentials
  • EEG
  • ECG / EKG
  • ERG
  • EMG
  • Sleep Studies
  • Behavior
  • LTP / LTD
  • Voltage Clamp
  • Current Clamp
  • Dose Response Curve
  • Motor Unit Activity
  • Intracellular Recording
  • Respiration
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Motion
  • Blood Pressure
  • GSR
  • Brainstem Evoked Response
  • Auditory Evoked Response**
  • Video Capture and Analysis***

* SciWorks Discovery is limited to 3 channels simultaneously of spike recording due to bandwidth considerations.
** SciWorks Discovery Pro only
*** SciWorks Discovery Pro only; requires optional VideoBench Module

An experiment is defined using the built-in tools of SciWorks Discovery or Discovery Pro. These tools are oriented around common experiment tasks, such as data acquisition, stimulus generation and delivery, data display, data analysis, annotation of data, timing, and external device control.

SciWorks Discovery Or Discovery Pro provides the user with a single interface to:

  • Control instrumentation
  • Define acquisition parameters such as sampling rates and gain factors
  • Perform real time data analysis
  • Coordinate timing among multiple external instruments
  • Generate complicated stimulation patterns
  • Annotate data files with messages, trial information, and timing flags
  • Write data to a multiple of common industry defined data formats

Sciworks Discovery requires an A/D card for proper operation. The A/D card can be purchased in a convenient breakout box giving you full access to all features of the data acquisition input\output device, including all analog input and output channels, all digital input and output channels, and assorted clocks and triggering ports. It is also available in a standalone screw terminal style USB enclosure.

Not simply a prerecorded video!

Book a webinar with our senior SciWorks specialist to learn how SciWorks can meet your data acquisition and analysis needs. We will tailor the webinar around your research protocols and show you how SciWorks can improve your research.

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