A-M Systems Develops Stimulator for CRISPR, Upgrades SciWorks

Last updated Apr 3, 2024

After the global economic slowdown due to the Pandemic, we continue our 45-year tradition of supplying innovative, high-quality tools for neuroscience while keeping our prices as low as possible for the research community.

Our new development efforts include:

  • New user-friendly modules for SciWorks Data Acquisition and Analysis Suite
  • New Model 4100 versions for better stimulus isolation and for CRISPR studies

New Modules for SciWorks Data Acquisition and Analysis

Since the acquisition of the SciWorks Data Acquisition and Analysis System in 2020, Dale Martin, Lead Software Developer, has been working on handling all aspects of the sales transition, supporting all customer inquiries, and stabilizing the existing code. During the pandemic, Dale has worked to incorporate new features into SciWorks and has recently completed development of new user-friendly modules to ease SciWorks configuration.

Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) Analysis Module

The new qEEG Analysis module for analyzing EEG data provides a single screen configuration to determine:

  • Which input signals are processed, transformed, and analyzed using complex mathematical algorithms.
  • Full-fledged EEG Analysis including spatial and frequency band output.
  • EEG montages including sequential, referential, average reference, and custom layouts.
  • Flexible frequency band definitions that can be easily configured for standard frequencies or custom ranges.
  • The ability to change the reference channel or channels after the data has been recorded.

Evoked Potential/ERP Module

This is a new single screen layout used to configure recording and analyzing evoked potential data. It centralizes the following features:

  • Streamlined setup simplifies the EP data collection and analysis
  • The ability to calculate in real time over 72 different EP parameters.
  • Time Frequency analysis for ERPs that can measure the signal changes that are time locked to sensory, motor or cognitive events, as well as generate spectral distributions of phase-locked and non-phase-locked responses to stimuli.

Both the Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) Analysis and the Evoked Potential/ERP are included at no extra cost with any purchase of SciWorks Discovery or Discovery Pro systems.  Users of previous SciWorks versions can upgrade to the current version to utilize these new tools.

    New Model 4100 Stimulators

    Since its introduction in 2016, the Model 4100 has quickly become a favorite tool for our customers due to its extensive computer software and increased stimulation flexibility.  Two new versions based on the original Model 4100 High-Powered Stimulator have launched:

    Model 4100B Hybrid

    The Model 4100B is a hybrid line-powered stimulator with built-in rechargeable battery powered output, resulting in better stimulus isolation performance.  In addition, noise is less that the standard Model 4100A High Powered Stimulator due to a more practical, and less powerful, output section (± 100V at 50 mA).

    Model 4100C Crisporator

    Our new Model 4100C Crisporator is a high-current version designed to meet the requirements of CRISPR studies and cell fusion protocols.  At 35 V and 350 mA, the 4100C can also be used to power motors and other devices that require low voltage and/or high current to operate, while still having the flexibility to control waveform shapes, timing, and amplitudes.

    Buy It for Life!

    All instruments manufactured by A-M Systems are now covered by our industry-leading Buy It For Life warranty. We will repair any instrument purchased after 2020 for free for the life of the product–as long as we can obtain replacement parts from common electronic component dealers.

    Come See Us at The Society for Neuroscience 2022 Annual Meeting

    As you all know, the traditional annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience has been the place for neuroscientists to interact with each other and to see the latest products from companies that manufacture scientific instrumentation.  A-M Systems has been attending the Annual Meeting for over 25 years and is looking forward to returning to the in-person format once again.

    Come visit us at Booth 2417 to see the latest SciWorks modules, the new 4100 stimulator versions, and the rest of our products, including intra- and extracellular amplifiers, patch clamp amplifier, stimulation instruments, and our electrode holders and accessories.

    Senior Engineer Dr David Mittman, Product Manager Dr Jonathan Bakin, and Lead Software Developer Dale Martin will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about our products and their use.

    Can’t make the meeting? Visit Us Online!

    Interested in our products but can’t make the meeting in San Diego? Come visit us online at www.a-msystems.com.  You can schedule webinars to see the Model 4100, the Model 3800, or the Sciworks Data Acquisition and Analysis System in action.

    These webinars are tailored to your unique circumstances and interests. The products can be configured for your exact protocols, so you can see firsthand how A-M Systems instruments and software will implement your specific experiments, all before ever buying them.

    2022 was an exceptionally strong year for A-M Systems. And we look forward to continue to serve the neuroscience community in the years ahead.

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