3D-Printed CPAP Mask May Revolutionize Therapy

Last updated Jul 28, 2014

3D-Printed CPAP Face Mask by Metamason

Metamason hopes to revolutionize CPAP therapy by 3D-printing custom face masks for each patient. (Courtesy Metamason)

A small California-based start-up wants to dramatically boost CPAP therapy compliance and reduce quit rates by creating custom-molded, 3D-printed face masks. Each mask is designed to fit a person’s unique facial features, superficial as well as subcutaneous, to maximize comfort and flow, the start-up says.

“We personally know several people who struggle with sleep apnea and CPAP therapy (including some members of our team), and quickly identified the opportunity that parametric design could yield a perfectly customizable product if coupled with 3D scanning and printing.” says Leslie Oliver Karpas, founder of Metamason, told 3Ders in an interview.

Metamason first aggregates data from 3D face scans, sleep studies, and thermal imaging of facial and subcutaneous tissues. The scan data is compiled using proprietary algorithms in a computer software, where patients and clinicians can adjust settings to find the maximum flow and comfort. The custom masks are then 3D-printed in medical-grade silicone.

Once Metamason receives clearance from the F.D.A., Karpas promises the final cost of a custom-printed mask to be either on par or cheaper than conventional CPAP masks out in the market today.


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