Where to Find the Calibration Code for Welch Allyn Spirometers

Last updated May 9, 2020

The American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society recommend calibrating spirometers each day before you perform spirometry maneuvers. Welch Allyn spirometers also require calibration with each new box of disposable flow transducers. This applies to Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect PC-based spirometer, CP-150 and CP-200 with the spirometry option, and the CardioPerfect Workstation with the SpiroPerfect module. 

Welch Allyn spirometer calibration is done through the spirometry section of the software and requires a Transducer Lot Code and a Transducer Calibration Code, which in some versions of the software appears as Transducer “Cal” Code. 

Both the Lot Code and the Transducer Calibration Code generally appear on the outside packaging label of the Flow Transducer box. The actual label and its location may vary slightly. 

Welch Allyn Calibration Code on Flow Transducer Box Label

The software also asks for the volume of the calibration syringe, which is 3.000 liters and can also be found on a sticker on the syringe.  

You must also update the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure of the operating environment if these fields are editable. Some spirometer modules contain sensors which will measure and update these fields for you. In that case, those fields will not be editable. 

Then connect a new flow transducer to the pressure tubing, then the flow transducer to the calibration syringe, as directed by the software. 

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the calibration. 

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Visit Us at ATS 2024 in San Diego

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