Welcome VBMax e-Series PFT Filter!

Apr 12, 2013

VBMax e-Series Pulmonary Function Test Filter

Meet the VBMax e-Series line of PFT filters! We’re excited to introduce the latest member of the VBMaxâ„¢ family of pulmonary function test filters.

The patient-side of the new filter features an integrated elliptical mouthpiece that eliminates the need for an additional paper mouthpiece. But if you prefer, a disposable thermoplastic rubber mouthpiece can slip over the elliptical connector with a tight seal.

Unlike many other PFT filters with elliptical connectors, the mouthpiece of the VBMax e-Series has a gentle downward curve that conforms to the natural arch of your mouth. And the form didn’t come at the expense of function.

Like the standard VBMax PFT filters with a round connector, the e-Series PFT filters exceed standards published by the American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society.

The e-Series VBMax PFT filters are individually packaged and come in a case of 50. Depending on the quantity, a case of PFT filters costs as low as US$48.75, or US$0.98 per filter. Contact us today for a sample!


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