VBMax PFT Filter Kit Travels to …

May 17, 2012

VBMax PFT Filter Kit

Spirometry Kit: VBMax PFT Filter With Nose Clip and Mouthpiece

A VBMax™ pulmonary function test filter, a rubber nose clip and a thermoplastic rubber mouthpiece traveled recently to a far-flung place on Earth. Can you guess where this might be?

Here are some hints.

  • Annual precipitation here ranges from 2 in. (50 mm) to 4 in. (100 mm) and is concentrated in the winter months.
  • Rich, saturated colors of the landscape was perfect for a science fiction film about Mars. It was also used for several scenes in a different movie about aliens.
  • The PFT Kit traveled about 6,900 miles, or just over 11,000 km, from its birthplace in Washington state.

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