Top 10 Lab Videos That Make You Cry, Cry Some More, yet Love What You Do

Last updated Nov 14, 2016

Lonely nights at the slice rig. Sleepless nights building a phys rig. Up all night patch-clamping. The seemingly evil reviewer(s). Rejection(s) by Nature, Science, Cell, and [INSERT JOURNAL HERE]. You’ve been there. And many of you’re still there. But it’s obvious: you do it because you love it!

And here’s our pick of top 10 lab videos—with absolutely no (zero) regard to effect size or impact factor, or YouTube views.


10. Because You Have to Start Somewhere (Wessner Lab at Davidson)


9. The Only Thing I Care About (Bijvoet Center at Utrecht)


8. Submission to Science, Nature… (Molecular Plant Physiology at MPI)


7. Rhodopsin Turns You On (Pharmacology & Toxicology at VCU)


6. We’re Up All Night to Get Published With Dancing PIs (Genetics at Yale)


5. Don’t Stop Pipetting Featuring Dr. Thomas Kelly as Reviewer #2 (Massagué Lab at MSKCC)


4. Tale of a Postdoc & Grants (Rayne Institute at KCL)


3. I Want Good Data, A Paper in Cell (Hui Zheng Lab at BCM)


2. Let It Go: Funding, Phys Rig, Effect Size, Nature Rejections, All of It! (Neuroscience Graduate Program at USC)


1. But We Don’t Work, Drink, Dance, or Cry Alone (Neurosciences Graduate Program at UCSD)


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