New Pulmonary Function Test Kits Feature Elliptical PFT Filters

May 24, 2013

PFT Kit E for Spirometry

Integrated, elliptical mouthpiece on the VBMax e-Series PFT filters are available in kits with a rubber nose clip, a disposable rubber mouthpiece and both.

You can now get pulmonary function test kits with VBMaxâ„¢ e-Series PFT filters, which we launched a few weeks ago. PFT kits combine essential disposables for pulmonary function testing, such as a filter and a nose clip, in a single package.

In addition to a VBMax e-Series filter, each of the new PFT kits contains a rubber-padded nose clip and/or a rubber mouthpiece.

The disposable rubber mouthpiece, which  might seem redundant, can offer additional comfort to patients who have difficulties creating a tight seal.

  • PFT Kit E includes a VBMax e-Series filter, a nose clip and a rubber mouthpiece
  • PFT Kit F includes a VBMax e-Series filter and a nose clip
  • PFT Kit G includes a VBMax e-Series filter and a rubber mouthpiece

If your patients prefer PFT filters with a round patient connector, which can be used with or without a paper mouthpiece, Kits A, B and C are still available.

Let us know if you’d like a sample of any of our PFT kits or of our VBMax e-Series PFT filters.



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