New Isolated Stimulator Delivers Power, Flexibility, Convenience

Last updated Aug 26, 2016


A-M Systems proudly introduces our new Model 4100 Isolated High Power Programmable Stimulator. Our most powerful, most flexible, and most convenient single channel isolated stimulator is designed to be your lab’s workhorse stimulator, delivering maximum performance at a fair price.

  • Powerful: ±200 V at 100 mA
  • Flexible: Monophasic, Biphasic, Ramps, Triangular, Trapezoidal, and User-Defined waveforms
  • Convenient: Front-Panel controls, Windows, Apple (OSx and iOS), LabVIEW, MATLAB, and Android

The Model 4100 is both incredibly fast, and amazingly slow, as it is capable of generating 1 µS to 25-hour pulses through its built-in, line-powered isolator with a 1 MHz bandwidth. No batteries are required!

Isolated Stimulator With Flexibility

Through its innovative interface, the Model 4100 can link a variety of stimulus events into a single train, and thereby deliver protocols such as LTP/LTD stimulation studies, Paired Pulses protocols, and Stepped Pulses. Users can scale and isolate their own a unique, custom, or biologically generated signal into an isolated constant current stimulus by using the provided external signal-in circuitry. Thus, you can close your feedback loop by supplying the neural signal you just recorded back into the 4100 to use as a stimulus.

This figure illustrates some example waveforms the Model 4100 can easily generate. Biphasic or asymmetric waveforms can have short interphase intervals, and ramps can take on just about any shape.

Model 4100 Isolated Stimulator delivers monophasic, biphasic, asymmetric, ramps and user-defined waveforms.

Waveforms can be predefined in the “Library”, and then linked using the “Event List” to generate complicated train structures, as shown in this drawing:

Model 4100 Isolated Stimulator's library holds all the waveforms that can be arranged in the event list.

Instrument Software Is Flexible and Easy to Use

Instrument control is accomplished by the front panel interface or via software applications utilizing Ethernet or USB connections.  Our free custom built apps run on a variety of software platforms, and are especially designed for use with touchscreens such as tablets and smartphones. Standard pinch and spread gestures can be used to drag and drop new event links, or change basic amplitude and timing parameters.

In the figure below, four of five predefined waveforms are selected to be arranged in a train to be delivered.  Note that the stimuli defined in library positions 1, 2, and 4 are linked together in a train of the following order: 4-2-2-1.

Model 4100 Isolated Stimulator's application lets you choose and arrange events from your library to program pulse trains.

If you wanted to add the pre-defined waveform in library position five, you could just drag the Library 5 box down to the event list and place it where you wanted it to be delivered.. at the end of the current sequence, or the beginning, or in the middle.    If you wanted to rearrange the order of the event list itself, just click on the event you want to move, and drag it to its next position.  If you want to remove the event from being delivered, just drag it off the event list.

This screen allows the user to define individual waveforms, or events.  By clicking on the graph and dragging, you can shape the stimulus you want to deliver.  Adjustments in time and amplitude can be made by mouse click, or by entering the data into the fields to the right of the diagram.

Individual waveforms or events can be defined easily in the isolated stimulator.

Multiple train programs with specific event descriptions can be stored for quick loading and running, and they are accessed from this screen.  Again, if you want to change the event train delivered, you just drag the program you want down to the box labelled “Current.”

Model 4100 Isolated Stimulator allows you to easily save multiple trains and edit them.

Complete functionality is also provided by the front panel keypad and display.

Timing can be triggered and gated using either internal or external commands. Sync pulses are available for use by other instruments and can track a variety of critical timing features.The front panel of the Model 4100 isolated stimulator gives you complete control.

Pre-Order Now!

A-M Systems is now accepting pre-order inquiries as we get ready to begin shipping the Model 4100 High Power Isolated Stimulator in a few weeks.

We’re now shipping Model 4100 High Power Isolated Stimulators. Order your stimulators here.

We also have a few instruments to demonstrate on a short-term loan if you are interested in evaluating one and providing your impressions of it.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Jonathan Bakin.

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