MultiStim 8-Channel Programmable Stimulus Generator (Model 3800) Released!

Last updated Sep 25, 2018

A-M Systems Model 3800: The MultiStim 8-Channel Programmable Stimulator

A-M Systems Model 3800: The MultiStim 8-Channel Programmable Stimulator

With the release of our new Multistim, A-M Systems has answered the many requests we have had over the years for a multi-channel stimulator built with the performance of our workhorse Model 2100 Isolated Pulse Stimulator and priced at A-M System’s tradional, industry low prices.

The Model 3800 has eight completely independent channels, a front-panel touch screen, and computer control capabilities. Each channel can provide pulse durations as short as 1 µs over a 15-minute timing interval, or up to 1 µs with a 250-hour timing interval. Pulse intervals can be as short as 3 µs–the fastest on the market!

Designed to deliver trains of monophasic or biphasic pulses, the Model 3800 can also deliver traditional protocols such as Paired Pulses and Stepped Pulses. Each channel also has a SUM output, whereby the signals of other channels can be summed together for complicated waveform protocols. Full Triggering options include 8 channel-specific TTL BNC connectors, 3 generic TTL BNC connectors that any combination of channels can be linked to, and inter-channel triggering.

There are 3 gate TTL BNC connectors that can be linked to any channel as well. Pulse or Train TTL sync pulses are provided. An optional stimulus isolator unit is available to isolate and convert the Model 3800 output to constant current. With a bandwidth of 500 kHz, it’s the fastest isolator on the market.

To learn more about the Model 3800 and its capabilities, please review the stimulator or contact me at any time.

Dr. Jonathan Bakin
Neuroscience & Physiology Product Manager
A-M Systems

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