MIR’s Spirodoc Adds Style, Ultra-Portability to Handheld Spirometer

Feb 7, 2012

MIR Spirodoc Spirometer with Pulse Oximeter, 3D Motion Sensor

MIR Spirodoc Spirometer with Pulse Oximeter, 3D Motion Sensor

It’s not often that you can look at a medical device and call it ‘stylish.’ Most medical devices, including spirometers and ventilators, are meant to be functional. MIR’s Spirodoc, however, defies the common wisdom and combines function with style and portability.

I had a chance to play with a Spirodoc unit when it was released in Europe in 2010. In addition to being a multifunction respiratory lab, the unit, about the size of a small mobile phone, had the look and feel of a high-tech gadget.


Spirodoc was designed to be light, sturdy and portable—perfect for six-minute walk tests (6MWTs), studies of activity-related oxygen desaturation and overnight oximetry. Its bright orange stripe that rings the main unit and the optional flowmeter is a departure from the countless shades of gray and pastel found on many medical devices.

It’s no surprise the device was conceived, designed and manufactured in Rome, where MIR is headquartered. Why make a dull-looking device when you can make it stand out? And an international jury agreed. For its overall design and usability, Spirodoc earned the coveted red dot design award in 2010.


Spirodoc was born in the age of touch screen interfaces. While it’s not the first spirometer with a touch screen display, its intuitive menus and options are well suited for not just pulmonologists but also for general practitioners who offer screening services and for patients who record their activities.

The optional flowmeter attaches securely to the main unit for full-function spirometry maneuvers: FVC, VC, IC, IVC, MVV (measured and calculated), PRE-POST BD, FEV, FEF, FET, FIVC, FIV, PIF, ERV, VT, VE and more. And an internal sensor automates BTPS conversion.

With or without the flowmeter attachment, Spirodoc is a pulse oximeter with real-time results, a portable recorder for desaturation studies, and a handy unit for six-minute walk tests. Combined with MIR’s WinspiroPRO software, Spirodoc excels at telemedicine.

And for clinics and hospitals striving for electronic health records and information, WinspiroPRO is available with HL7 interface.


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