Performance Heat and Moisture Exchanger for Clinicians and Patients

May 12, 2014

Heat and Moisture Exchanger: Filter HMENot all filter HME is created the same. HydroMax™ HMEf was designed to be a heat and moisture exchanger with a built-in filter without compromising performance, efficiency or cost. And for a limited time, you can try them for free.

Passive humidification under anesthesia is widely accepted as an alternative to costlier, active humidification, which some patients might still require.

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Passive humidification with an efficient HMEf can be a cost-effective alternative to costlier, active humidification.

[/dropshadowbox]HydroMaxâ„¢ combines a heat-and-moisture exchanger (HME) with a viral and bacterial filter for passive humidification applications in anesthesia, respiratory care and critical care. After an extensive development and testing phase, HydroMax rivals or exceeds the specifications, including moisture output and resistance to flow, of many HME filters out there today.

We followed our goal to develop a filter HME that not only exceeds ATS recommendations, but also meets the needs of clinicians in the O.R.

Use the promotion code “HMEFREE” at check-out to try HydroMax HMEf in your environment.

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