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Oct 20, 2011

Each component in a state-of-the-art electrophysiology rig is carefully designed to maximize performance. Whether it is your extreme low-noise amplifier, your precision microscope, or your vibration isolation table, the quality of your equipment directly impacts the quality of your research. Why should you compromise your recordings with a subpar microelectrode holder?

E.W. Wright has long been recognized as the master in the design and manufacture of glass pipette microelectrode holders. He carefully honed his products through close interaction with his customers and was a firm believer in uncompromising quality standards. His attention to detail, his precision machining, and his accurate and reproducible designs made customer acceptance of his holders universal. E.W. Wright’s contribution to electrophysiological studies cannot be underestimated.

After five decades of producing high quality holders, E.W. Wright earned his retirement. But he wanted to ensure that his high-quality products remain available to the neuroscience community. Prior to hanging up his micrometer and turning off his lathes for the last time, E.W. Wright sought a trusted partner to carry on the production of his microelectrode holders. A-M Systems is excited to carry on and build on his product line.

Axon Threaded Electrode Holder with Suction and Perfusion Ports and Wire

Axon Threaded Electrode Holder with Suction and Perfusion Ports and Wire

A-M Systems employees visited E.W. Wright’s production facility in Connecticut to learn his processes and methods for manufacturing holders.

“I was very much impressed with Tam’s eagerness to learn the process,” E.W. Wright said of A-M Systems’ lead machinist. “I am sure he will be able to handle every operation required. He was totally committed to learning every process and I was surprised by how much we were able to cover.”

“All in all everything went well,” he added.

After an exhaustive training period, E.W. Wright’s precision lathes, mills, tools and materials were shipped to A-M Systems. Back in Washington State, the same machines and tools were used to recreate his production facility and to produce a range of sample holders for evaluation. With a green light from E.W. Wright, A-M Systems launched his entire line of microelectrode holders for the neuroscience community.

Electrode holders are available with and without suction ports, with and without perfusion ports, and in a variety of configurations that are compatible with all major manufacturer’s headstage connectors.

Start exploring our full range of microelectrode holders!

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