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Last updated Oct 9, 2016

Create and edit events from any Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS device.

Create and edit events from any Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS device.

A-M Systems is moving beyond the desktop by giving you the ability to control your Model 4100 Isolated High Power Stimulator from your phone or tablet. Now you can take complete control of all the capabilities of your network-connected instruments from virtually anywhere. You can be across the room, across the hall, or across campus and keep tabs on the status of your experiments in real time. The AMS 4100 app is available now on Google Play, the iOS, and Mac App Store, and on our website with full support for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Key features in the latest release (version 1.1) include control of multiple Model 4100 stimulators from a single interface and the ability to easily share configurations between instruments and colleagues. The tabbed interface allows you to easily connect and monitor all of the Model 4100s in your lab.

Event Screen

Just tap a button to create a new interface screen and enter the network address of the instrument you want to control. Download and save the instrument’s current configuration or upload a completely new set of instructions with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Sharing and documenting your research has never been easier. In addition to the configurations stored internally in the app you can link your Dropbox account to share your test setups across all your linked devices. Create a new test protocol at your desktop and then evaluate that protocol in the lab on your iPad, Microsoft Surface, or Android tablet. Don’t have Dropbox? The desktop versions of the app can easily save your configuration to the Documents folder of your Windows or macOS computer.


Is your test setup not doing quite what you expected? You can easily share your setup with the engineers at A-M Systems by emailing the complete configuration file to them. They can walk you through the steps to fine-tune the performance of your instrument and get the exact stimulation results you need for your specific protocol.

All the great features for controlling individual instruments are still there as well. Take complete control over your high power pulse stimulation by dragging and dropping events from the Library into the Event List. Need to evaluate variations on your biphasic pulse but don’t want to lose the original settings? Just drag and drop a Library event to another location to copy it there. You’re now free to modify that pulse without fear of losing the original settings.


Want to rapidly change every other pulse in a train without reentering all that data? Just drag multiple copies of an event from the Library to the Event List. When you edit any of those copies or the original pulse all of them get updated simultaneously. Need to rearrange the pulses in the train? Just drag and drop the events in the Event List where you want them. Chaining together multiple pulses of different types and amplitude has never been easier.


To see the full capabilities of the AMS 4100 Isolated High Power Stimulator download the app now and explore the flexibility and adaptability the instrument provides. You can also schedule a test drive on a physical instrument on our website here.

A-M Systems is putting control over your lab equipment where it belongs, in the hands of the researcher. By freeing you from the desktop you can bring your ideas and research where you need it the most. A-M Systems is here to support your research needs now and into the future.

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