Come See Us at #AARC2016 in San Antonio. It’s Our 40th Anniversary!

Last updated Nov 2, 2016


We’re heading back to the American Association for Respiratory Care Congress, in San Antonio this year, to personally thank our customers and distributors who have helped us grow over the last 40 years.

Based on your feedback, we have introduced new styles of pulmonary function test filters as well as an HME filter in recent years. Some of the new VBMax PFT filters feature improved designs, while other PFT filters fit a wider variety of PFT equipment, including Collins.

We’re also introducing a new PFT nose clip with a higher clearance and a wider opening. The new nose clips will also be available with soft foam and grooved rubber pads.

We’ll be at booth 1137 during the AARC Congress. We’d love to see you.

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