ActualTrack Recognizes and Analyzes Common Animal Behavioral Tasks

Last updated Aug 7, 2014

ActualTrack automatically tracks, recognizes and analyzes the behaviors of experimental animal models from video you collect. Analyze all your trials with just a couple of clicks. Validated by behavioral neuroscientists, ActualTrack is designed to save you time, and priced to save you money.

The animal behavior analysis software was designed to support single- and multi-subject tracking in rodent, zebrafish and Drosophila models with simple graphical user interfaces. The software doesn’t require any hardware key or dongles and lets you work from the lab, your office, or even at home.

3 Steps to analyzing your video:: Capture, Analyse, Discover

  1. Capture
    • Record experiments using standard webcams or Firewire cameras
    • Upload your video using an easy import tool that accepts all common video file formats
  2. Analyze
    • Designed for all common experimental paradigms
    • Define any areas of interest with simple drawing tools
    • Single and Multi-subject tracking
    • Multi-point tracking
    • Three-point tracking (nose, center and tail-base): Rodent, Zebrafish and Drosophila larvae
    • Two-point tracking (nose and center): adult Drosophila
    • Manual coding solution to easily score non- automated behaviors
  3. Discover
    • Results in CSV and Microsoft Excel format
    • Export results to Excel, R, SPSS and other leading statistical packages to support further analysis
    • Includes basic locomotor and zonal statistics including: distances; times; zone entries and exits; velocities and latencies in SI units
    • Easily change configurations and re-analyze data
    • Statistical analysis of the data collected

Learn more about ActualTrack animal behavior tracking and analysis software. Check out the following tutorials to get a better idea of what ActualTrack can do for you:



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