A-M Systems Looks Forward to Its 40th Year

Jan 25, 2016

A-M Systems Team

Nurturing and growing a dynamic business is both challenging and rewarding, much like raising a child who brings tears and chaos as well as joy and laughter. I’ve dedicated much of my adult life to A-M Systems, so it’s exciting to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year. And I, along with my family, friends and the entire “Team A-M,” can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

Starting in early 2015 we began holding a “Team Day” every other Friday when everyone gathers for a few hours and plays a game or two of cribbage, backgammon, Yahtzee, ping pong or foosball. And there’s always the challenging, 1,000-piece puzzle.

We're celebrating our 40th year in 2016. And we have you to thank for supporting us over the years.

We’re celebrating our 40th year in 2016. And we have you to thank for supporting us over the years.

These and other gatherings reinforce our value as a company that puts people and family first. And like most families, we’re not without growing pains or challenges to solve. But every time we’ve conquered those challenges as a team, we’ve grown as a family. That family is at the core of our evolving culture which the A-M Systems Team, our customers and distributors have come to appreciate.

I joined A-M Systems in 2000 and have been at the helm of Team A-M for the past decade, during which we’ve grown every year. And we plan to continue to cultivate growth for years to come. None of this would be possible without our newly expanded engineering team, a sales team that develops new business and takes care of our customers, or our entire team that sprints to the finish line each day.

Our distributors, many of whom are halfway across the world, have helped A-M Systems export to over 100 countries. There and in the U.S., scientists and clinicians have been using our instrumentation and medical devices for 40 years. And we’re proud of that fact.

Since our humble beginnings, A-M Systems’ 40-year journey has been rewarding and eye-opening. Our amplifiers and stimulators for the research community have helped break grounds in cutting-edge neuroscience investigations. Our bacterial-viral filters continue to serve as added layers of protection for spirometry equipment, clinicians and patients.

And we wouldn’t be here without the researchers and clinicians who have put their faith in the A-M Systems family to design, produce and deliver high-quality products. For that, I’m very thankful.

Cheers to everyone who has been part of our 40-year journey!

Arthur B. Green III
President and CEO
A-M System

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